Our Brothers Killed Overseas

Gennaro Pellegrini

Police Officer Gennaro Pellegrini, Jr. #3722, 26th District

Killed on August 9, 2005, while serving the United States in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in Bayji, Iraq by small arms fire and a mine explosion. Gerry, a Specialist 4, was assigned to Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment.

Police Officer James Kline

Policing was in Jimmy Kline’s Blood. His father, Late William Kaline, was a police sergeant.

Jimmy Kline Lived with his parents, two older brothers and Sister in Burholme. His mother still lives in the same home. Jimmy Kline graduated form Cardinal Dougherty in 1961 and studied political science at lasalle College

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Police Officer Francis E. Sievers, Jr.

Dedication for Francis E. Sievers, Jr.
First Lieutenant U.S. Army and a Philadelphia Police Officer

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