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President McNesby and the membership of Lodge 5 are saddened and angered by the assassination of two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who while on duty in a marked NYPD police car were attacked by a coward whose stated express purpose was to kill Police Officers because of the Garner incident in NYC.


This cowardly act, where the assassin killed the uniformed officers from cover and did not confront them, is despicable and Lodge 5 calls on all Police Officers to be especially vigilant because it is clear that these two of New York’s finest were profiled because of the uniform they had volunteered to wear.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the officers families and the Police family that we all share. May God accept them into his care.


DECEMBER 21,2014

Yesterday, NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered in New York City by a coward who invoked race as a motive.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Politicians have spent the months since the tragedy in Ferguson piously wringing their hands and bemoaning the lack of trust of police by the minority community. Mayors and Congressmen and Senators and professional racists from all sides have seized on the moment to advance their often self serving opinions of what is wrong in America as a hyperventilating media nods knowingly and faithfully reports each and every word. Enough is enough.

While these politicians and their retinues ignore the decaying infrastructure of our cities, the substandard educational system, the nonexistent families, the poor nutrition, the lack of employment opportunities- all of which create a toxic environment which breeds crime- they focus with laser vision on every real or perceived mistake made by the cops fighting a running battle to keep the streets safe for our poorest and most disadvantaged citizens in our country’s worst pockets.

Enough is enough. There’s nothing wrong with the way cops do their jobs that won’t be fixed when politicians suck it up and attack the problems that breed poverty and crime- but they’re not going to do that. The media professes shock when we speak out – well, buckle them on America- you’re going to hear a lot from our 325,000 members in the days and months ahead. Some of you may not like it, but you would do well to listen. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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