PPD Court Parking Special

I’m pleased to report we currently have 5-10 PPD Officers parking at our surface parking lot @ 12th & Vine St for the discounted rate of $7.00.

I just read the Daily News today (page # 8) regarding parking at the CJC and Family Court. I would like to reduce our current special rate for PPD Officers from $7.00 down to $5.00 for the remainder of the summer.

Please spread the word to the districts!

Also we just finished our lot expansion at 8th & Race Sts. If you know of any Officers they would benefit from a 24 hour monthly spot please let me know. Our current monthly rate is $145 a month. I can offer the PPD 10-15 spots for $110 a month.

In closing please keep in mind the City raised the Parking Tax from 15% to 20% effective July 1st. We will try to honor the discounted rate for as long as possible.

Thank you

David A App
General Manager
E-Z Park Inc.
111 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia PA 19106

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