Message from Jack Simington, National Trustee of Washington State Lodge regarding Lakewood Police Sergeant Mark Renninger

Brothers and Sisters,

The body of slain Lakewood Police Sergeant Mark Renninger was flown to Pennsylvania on Wednesday where he is to be buried in his hometown of Bethlem. Mark was escorted by two Lakewoood Police Officer’s returning him to his family in Pennsylvania.

I wanted to share with you the pride I felt when I saw this picture taken by Phildelphia Police Officer Ken Lee with a cell phone camera as he exited the plane. I met my FOP brother, Sergeant Ken Lee, at my hotel in Seattle while attending the funeral this week in Tacoma along with 3 other Philly 5 brothers. Ken was on the same plane along with the other members from the Phildalphia Police Department.

If you look at the photo below, you will see what should bring tears to your eyes as it has mine.


Brother Koch, Philly 5 and all Phildalphia PD and Pensylvania police officers THANK YOU!!

Jack Simington, National Trustee Washington State Lodge

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