Brother In Need! Can You Help?

In this season of giving we have a brother in need of your help. Trooper Neil Gearhart, PASP while working the midnight shift this morning learned that his house in Huntingdon, Pa was on fire. By the time he got home nothing was left but the foundation. Neil has a wife and three kids, two boys and a girl, ages 14, 10 and 8. All were able to get of the house safely, but only with the clothes on their backs.

His station, the Newville PASP Station will organize any collection and coordinate delivery to Neil and his family. Anything you can do to help out will be cherished.

The following information is furnished, requesting it be shared with your fellow employees on behalf of the Commanding Officer, Troop T, Highspire:

Troop T Headquarters and Troop T, Stations will be the drop-off points for any donations to assist Trooper Neil Gearhart, a member of the Troop T, Newville Station, and his family with the tragic loss they suffered this morning when fire destroyed their home and all its contents.

Lt. Richard L. Dressler II, Troop T, Central Patrol Section Commander will be the Point of Contact. Lt. Dressler may be contacted at 717-776-3135.

The following information is furnished relative to donations of clothing:

Member Neil Gearhart, XXL – Shirt, 38-40 waist/32 inseam – slacks, 12 – Shoes
His Wife, Size 6-8, 7 – shoe

Their children:
14 year old son, XL – Shirt, 32-33 waist/32-33 inseam, 12 1/2 – Shoes
10 Year Old Daughter, Size 12-14, 7 1/2– shoe
8 year old son, Size 10-12, 7 – Shoes

Your assistance in spreading the word is appreciated; thank you so much in advance on behalf of the Troop T Commander.

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