2007 hero

March 14, 11:00AM

Robert “Petey” Porter#6478, Narcotics Date of death 1-19-1996 Sponsored by Rob Dougherty Location: Unit North 38th Street

March 28, 11:00AM

George Jacobs #7256, 4th District Date of death 7-15-1966 Sponsored by Philadelphia Police Detective Gary Capuano, SWDD This is a re-scheduled dedication from 2-14-2007 Location: 1300 Snyder Avenue, between Watts and Juniper

April 11, 11:00AM

Park Guard Michael McKenna, Fairmount Park Guard Date of death 5-17-1937 Sponsored by Crown, Cork and Seal Location: 92ND Park District, Lincoln Drive and Gypsy

May 2, 10:00AM – (please note the 10:00AM ceremony start time)

Sergeant Ralph Galdi #8640, Sex Crimes Unit Date of Death 3-31-1986 Sponsor is Artisans Order of Mutual Protection-George Listner Location: North 5th Street and Spring Garden Street

May 16, 11:00AM

Henry Hicks #3062 15th District Date of death 12-24-1946 Sponsored by Retired Federal Judge and Mrs. Arlin Adams Location: (1500) Ruan East of Frankford Avenue

May 30, 11:00AM

Wallace Chapman#3934, 26th District Date of death 6-13-1948 Sponsored by Coca Cola Company Location: 807 West Poplar Street

June 13, 11:00AM

Detective John Cousin #958, SDD Date of death 8-15-1996 Sponsored by Philadelphia Boat Team Location: Oakland Street between Bridge and Sanger Streets

July 11, 11:00AM

John McEntee #3725, 22nd District Date of death 2-20-1971 Sponsored by Francis “Frank” Hendrie Location: 1900 West Norris Street (at Woodstock Street)

August 22, 11:00AM

William McCloskey #3200, 14th District Date of death 5-5-1935 Sponsored by I. A. T. S. E. Stagehands Local 8 Location: Wissahickon Avenue and Queen Lane

September 5, 11:00 AM

Leo Van Winkle#4697, Marine Unit P/O Missing on 6-22-1972, date of pronouncement 6-27-1972 when remains were found Sponsored by Philadelphia Eagles Location: #1 Boathouse Row, outside Lloyd Hall, Kelly Drive (former ERD)

September 19, 11:00AM

William Duross#1988, Highway Patrol Date of death 4-15-1960 Sponsored by the Tabas Family Location: Highway Patrol Headquarters, 660 East Erie Avenue

October 10, 11:00AM

Police Officer Matthew Clowry #710, 24th District Injury on 11-21-1932 with date of death 3-31-1934 Sponsored by AOH/LAOH Location: 2524 East Clearfield Street from 3001 Richmond Street

November 14, 11:00AM

Sergeant John McGill#8530, 19th District Date of death 12-17-1983 Sponsored by the Friends of Daniel McCann III Location: 6059 Haverford Avenue

Thursday, November 29, 11:00AM

James F. Duffin#3927, Stakeout Unit Date of death 1-14-1973 Sponsored by the Recording Industry Association of America

John P. Reid #7192, Stakeout Unit Officer injured on 1-14-1973 with date of death 12-14-1980 Sponsored by the Motion Picture Association of America Location: 6535 Limekiln Pike

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